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Yoshihisa Yamamoto is a professor, emeritus of Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory, James and Anna Maria Spilker Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stanford University and a director of Physics & Informatics Laboratories at NTT Research.

He led research laboratories focused on quantum optics and quantum information processing for more than 30 years. His current research interests are in the areas of quantum information, quantum optics, and mesoscopic physics such as squeezed states, quantum nondemolition measurements, cavity quantum electrodynamics, quantum computers, and mesoscopic electron transport and tunneling.


2014 Program Manager, ImPACT Quantum Technology Project

2009 Chief Scientist, FIRST Quantum Information Processing Project

2004 Research Director, SORST Quantum Information Systems with Photons Program

2003 Research Supervisor for JST, CREST Program on Quantum Information Systems

2003 Professor, National Institute of Informatics, Japan (2014- Emeritus)

1999 Co-Director, ICORP Quantum Entanglement Project (with Professor Serge Haroche)

1993 Director, ERATO Quantum Fluctuation Project

1992 Professor, Stanford University, USA

1989 Visiting Scientist, AT&T Bell Laboratories, USA

1985 Visiting Scientist, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

1982 Visiting Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

1978 Scientist, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan

1978 Ph.D., The University of Tokyo, Japan


  • Willis E. Lamb Award (2022)
  • Okawa Prize (2011)
  • Hermann A. Haus Lecturer of MIT (2010)
  • Medal with Purple Ribbon (2005)
  • IEEE/LEOS Quantum Electronics Award (2000)
  • Carl Zeiss Research Award (1992)
  • Nishina Memorial Prize (1992)